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A Level (Edexcel)

This page is for the new AS and A Level Maths specification for first teaching September 2017. All A level questions arranged by topic.
This page is still under construction and replaces the previous page.

Pearson Education accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or method of working in the answers given.

Formula Book
New AS and A Level Content
Edexcel AS and A Level Data Set

For the new A Level I am using the Casio Classwiz Calculator: CASIO FX-991EX Advanced Scientific Calculator

AS Sample Papers

Paper (PDF) Word Version Mark Scheme Solutions
Sample Paper 1 - Pure Maths Sample Paper 1 Mark Scheme Solutions
Sample Paper 2 - Statistics and Mechanics Sample Paper 2 Mark Scheme Solutions

AS Pure Mathematics

Topic Videos Exam Questions Solutions
Algebraic Expressions Videos Algebraic Expressions
The Factor Theorem and Algebraic Division
The Binomial Expansion
Completing the Square
Equations and Inequalities Videos Quadratics Inequalities and Simultaneous Equations
The Discriminant
Sketching Curves Videos Sketching and Transforming Curves Solutions
Equations of Straight Lines Videos The Equation of a Line Solutions
Circles Videos The Equation of a Circle Solutions
Trigonometry Videos Solving Trigonometric Equations
Sine Rule, Cosine Rule, Area of Any Triangle
Exponentials and Logarithms Videos Exponentials and Logarithms Solutions
Differentiation Videos Differentiation from First Principles
Integration Videos Integration Solutions
Vectors Videos Vectors Solutions
Proof Videos Proof Solutions

AS Mechanics and Statistics

Topic Videos Exam Questions Solutions
Data Presentation and Interpretation Videos
Probability and Statistical Distributions Videos
Statistical Sampling and Hypothesis Testing Videos
Kinematics Videos
Forces Videos

A Level Pure Mathematics

Topic Videos Exam Questions Solutions
Functions Videos
Partial Fractions Videos
Parametric Equations Videos
Sequences and Series Videos
Trigonometry Videos
Differentiation Videos
Integration Videos
Numerical Methods Videos
3D Vectors Videos
Proof Videos

A Level Mechanics and Statistics

Topic Videos Exam Questions Solutions
Probability Videos
Statistical Distributions
Statistical Hypothesis Testing
Kinematics Videos
Forces Videos
Moments Videos