Maths Genie Stage 1

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Start by taking a test. This will allow you to see what topics you need to work on. If you score 80% or above (16/20) you pass the stage and you can move onto the next stage.

You should work through the videos first and then, after you have watched all the videos you need to watch, work through the exam style questions for these topics - visiting a topic more than once (as opposed to doing the topics in blocks) has been shown to improve memory. When you feel ready to take another test do so. If you score less than the pass mark (16/20) revisit the topics you need to work on before attempting another assessment.

Videos Exam Questions Exam Questions Booklet Solutions
Place Value Exam Questions Place Value Solutions
Time Exam Questions Time Solutions
Negative Numbers Exam Questions Negative Numbers Solutions
Powers and Roots Exam Questions Powers and Roots Solutions
BIDMAS Exam Questions The Order of Operations Solutions
Factors and Multiples Exam Questions Factors, Multiples and Primes Solutions
Writing, Simplifying and Ordering Fractions Exam Questions Writing, Simplifying and Ordering Fractions Solutions
Coordinates Coordinates
Pictograms Pictograms


Online assessment on Maths Grader (External Link)

Assessment Solutions
Stage 1 Test A Solutions
Stage 1 Test B Solutions
Stage 1 Test C Solutions
Stage 1 Test D Solutions