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All GCSE Videos

Some of the videos below may be unedited versions of the YouTube videos. If you notice any errors please contact me on social media, or email [email protected], and I will get them fixed.

Grade 1 and 2

Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers.mp436,561 KFinding the area of a parallelogram.mp428,508 KFrequency Polygons.mp425,675 KRounding to significant figures.mp433,487 K
Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers and Decimals.mp423,761 KFinding the area of a rectangle.mp425,683 KLabelling a circle.mp429,216 KRounding to the nearest hundred.mp418,960 K
Dividing Fractions.mp428,232 KFinding the area of a trapezium.mp440,599 KMean, Median, Mode and Range.mp449,125 KRounding to the nearest whole number.mp419,973 K
Dividing Whole Numbers and Decimals.mp426,324 KFinding the area of a triangle.mp447,909 KMultiplying and Dividing Negative Numbers.mp429,910 KSimplifying Algebra.mp439,365 K
Estimating.mp421,020 KFinding the missing angle in a quadrilateral.mp435,153 KMultiplying Fractions.mp431,399 KSquares, Cubes and Roots.mp439,860 K
Factors, Multiples and Primes.mp437,943 KFinding the perimeter of shapes.mp435,359 KMultiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals.mp451,228 KStem and Leaf Diagrams.mp447,189 K
Finding a Fraction of an Amount.mp427,248 KFractions, Decimals and Percentages.mp446,633 KRounding to decimal places.mp423,120 KThe Order of Operations (BIDMAS).mp437,371 K
Finding a missing angle in a triangle.mp435,758 K

Grade 3

Adding and Subtracting Fractions.mp461,083 KFinding the area of compound shapes.mp449,079 KRotation.mp444,383 KSubstitution.mp441,144 K
Best Buy Questions.mp442,466 KFinding the circumference of a circle.mp443,595 KSharing between a ratio.mp446,460 KThe Probability Scale.mp426,278 K
Drawing Linear Graphs.mp444,543 KPercentage Change.mp431,520 KSolving equations with an unknown on both sides.mp440,167 KTranslation.mp431,646 K
Enlargement.mp451,655 KPercentages.mp476,367 KSolving Equations.mp434,398 KTwo Way Tables.mp469,658 K
Exchange Rates.mp475,932 KRecipe Questions.mp466,684 KSolving One Step Equations.mp417,873 KWriting and Simplifying Ratios.mp422,395 K
Finding the area of a circle.mp432,256 KReflection.mp433,802 K

Grade 4

Angles in parallel lines.mp467,227 KFactorising Single Brackets.mp438,412 KGenerating Sequences.mp437,074 KProbability.mp431,049 K
Angles in Polygons.mp472,500 KFinding the Nth Term.mp432,218 KHCF and LCM.mp455,303 KProduct of Prime Factors.mp433,592 K
Bearings.mp461,154 KFinding the surface area of a prism.mp477,163 KIndices 1.mp438,377 KPythagoras Theorem.mp441,154 K
Compound Interest and Depreciation.mp451,438 KFinding the volume and surface area of cylinders.mp443,144 KInequalities.mp436,476 KScatter Graphs.mp470,592 K
Construction.mp438,369 KFinding the volume of a prism.mp436,490 KLoci.mp429,650 KSolving Linear Inequalities.mp429,480 K
Estimating the Mean.mp448,350 KForming and Solving Equations.mp429,070 KMean, Meidan, Mode and Range from a table.mp442,083 KTypes of sequences.mp432,336 K
Expanding Single Brackets.mp441,278 K

Grade 5

Adding numbers in standard form.mp440,822 KExpanding Double Brackets.mp443,050 KFinding the volume and surface area of spheres and cones.mp483,920 KSolving Quadratics by Factorising.mp472,242 K
Changing the subject of a formula.mp442,990 KFactorising Quadratics.mp445,162 KFinding the volume of a pyramid.mp434,439 KSolving Simultaneous Equations Graphically.mp462,549 K
Compound Measures.mp458,682 KFinding the area of a sector.mp438,304 KMultiplying and dividing numbers in standard form.mp430,407 KSolving Simultaneous Equations.mp468,238 K
Congruent Triangles.mp440,069 KFinding the equation of a line.mp471,656 KProbability Trees.mp4100,248 KThe exact values for sin and cos (0, 30, 45, 60 and 90).mp442,719 K
Converting between standard form and ordinary numbers.mp452,810 KFinding the gradient of a line.mp453,234 KReverse Percentages.mp435,842 KTrigonometry Exact Values.mp481,056 K
Drawing Cubic Graphs.mp441,861 KFinding the length of a line segment.mp435,380 KSimilar Shapes.mp432,655 KVenn Diagrams.mp479,587 K
Drawing Quadratic Graphs.mp468,257 KFinding the length of an arc.mp448,262 KSOHCAHTOA Finding a missing angle.mp451,632 KWriting a ratio as a fraction or a linear equation.mp441,189 K
Drawing Reciprocal Graphs.mp457,977 KFinding the midpoint of a line segment.mp430,863 KSOHCAHTOA Finding a missing length.mp468,426 K

Grade 6

Box Plots.mp459,934 KCumulative Frequency.mp4163,723 KInequalities on a Graph.mp469,430 KSimilar Shapes (Length, Area and Volume).mp454,815 K
Circle Theorems.mp461,909 KExpanding Triple Brackets.mp457,481 KParallel and Perpendicular Lines.mp466,762 KThe Product Rule for Counting.mp469,905 K
Converting Recurring Decimals to Fractions.mp451,727 KIndices 2.mp441,754 K

Grade 7

3D Pythagoras.mp453,973 KDirect and Inverse Proportion 2.mp488,760 KHistograms.mp499,816 KSurds Expand and Simplify.mp433,853 K
Algebraic Fractions.mp476,188 KDrawing Circles.mp434,064 KInverse Functions.mp428,326 KSurds Rationalise the Denominator.mp444,496 K
Bounds.mp491,181 KFactorising Harder Quadratics 2.mp465,831 KIteration.mp453,474 KThe Cosine Rule.mp469,690 K
Changing the subject of a formula.mp442,990 KFactorising Harder Quadratics.mp467,510 KSimplifying Algebraic Fractions.mp436,102 KThe Quadratic Formula.mp456,560 K
Composite Functions.mp433,871 KFinding the area of any triangle.mp434,070 KSimplifying Surds.mp425,526 KThe Sine Rule.mp475,971 K
Conditional Probability.mp435,304 KFunction Notation.mp423,873 K

Grade 8 and 9

Completing the Square.mp443,406 Kquadratic sequences 2.mp466,803 KThe Equation of a Tangent.mp464,510 KVectors.mp485,248 K
Proof of Circle Theorems.mp4104,592 KSolving Quadratic Inequalities.mp446,772 KThe Nth Term of Quadratic Sequences.mp451,554 KVelocity Time Graphs.mp484,382 K
Proof.mp442,885 KSolving Quadratic Simultaneous Equations.mp489,295 KTransforming Graphs.mp474,017 K