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Some of the videos below may be unedited versions of the YouTube videos. If you notice any errors please contact me on social media, or email [email protected], and I will get them fixed.


Connected Particles.mp4162,073 KNewton's Second Law.mp452,212 KSUVAT and Acceleration due to Gravity (g).mp4188,555 KVectors Converting Velocity into Speed.mp430,909 K
Friction.mp468,204 KResolving Forces.mp463,625 KSUVAT The Equations of Constant Acceleration.mp4100,724 KVectors i and j notation.mp449,505 K
Impulse.mp450,650 KSpeed Time Graphs.mp4118,068 KThe Inclined Plane.mp4102,584 KVectors The Equation of a Line.mp489,410 K
Moments.mp4176,300 KStatics.mp490,277 KThe Principle of Conservation of Momentum.mp4113,216 KVectors Using i and j notation.mp475,000 K